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People love to listen to online music, but even more they love to hear the music and watch the music video all together, without any special effort.

ListnPlay is the first music & video search platform that gives central point to search online music & videos.

The unique catalog and interface allows you to create & search for playlists, albums and videos in the quickest way possible today.

ListnPlay integrate seamlessly with all the popular social network so you'll be able to share your favorite album, playlist, song or any video with your friends.

You can use ListnPlay without being forced to register, but if you wish to save playlists in ListnPlay you can sign in with your favorite social network such Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or Twitter.

ListnPlay is a free service.

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Terms and Conditions

Last Updates: April 08, 2011


The following terms and conditions shall govern your use of the ListnPlay website, located at http://www.listnplay.com (the "Website").

By using the Website, you (the "User"), accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and ourselves, ListnPlay (the "Owners"), with respect to the use of the Website, and shall supersede any and all other agreements.

Terms of Use

You are granted permission to use the services of the Website subject to your full compliance with the provisions of this Agreement.

You must refrain from using the Website if you lack legal capacity to do so.

Whilst using the Website, you undertake to refrain from performing, willfully or carelessly, any of the following:

  1. Browse, surf, process, scan or use the services of the Website via operation of a computer program designed to gather information or perform operations imitating a human user (including, without limitation, Bots or Crawlers).
  2. Manipulate the URL of the Website, or otherwise gain access to any internal pages to which the Owners have not provided you with a direct link (including, without limitation, URL Hacking).
  3. Carry out any action which may infringe the copyrights of the Owners or any other copyright holder, as applicable.
  4. Carry out any action which may infringe any laws, regulations, orders or any guidelines of any governmental authority, or otherwise offend or harm the public order.

We reserve the right to bar you from using any of the Website services, at our sole discretion, for any reason we deem fit, including, without limitation, any case of violation of the Agreement or any applicable law.

Registration to Services

At Owners sole discretion, certain Website services may require registration or login via OpenID, Facebook Connect or similar third party services (the "3rd Party Login Services").

Owners expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility to the use of 3rd Party Login Services in connection with the Website, and urge you to research and understand the nature of these 3rd Party Login Services prior to registration or login.

For more information regarding 3rd Party Login Services, their operation and/or the information they may share and exchange with the Owners, please visit the applicable 3rd Party Login Service website.

By registering or logging in to the Services, you explicitly permit Owners to retain the email address associated with you according to the applicable 3rd Party Login Services, and to utilize such address in order to communicate with you and deliver updates and announcements regarding the Services.

Playlists and Clips

Videos presented and displayed via the Website (the "Clips") are not hosted by the Owners, on their behalf or in their control, but rather by 3rd party video sharing websites (the "Video-Sharing Sites").

As part of the Website services, Owners may enable you to search and locate Clips hosted by Video-Sharing Sites, via lists generated as a direct result of your inquiry (the "Search Results"), and add any Search Results to the list of Clips you desire to view via the Website, whether now or in the future (the "Playlist").

Owners may, at their sole discretion, enable Users to suggest certain Clips appear on the Website, provide links to certain Clips, or add Clips to User's Playlist, providing such Clips comply at all times with the provisions of Section ‎2.3 above.

By saving a Playlist for future use, you hereby irrevocably transfer and bestow Owners with all and any intellectual property and/or copyrights you may have in the Playlist, and hereby irrevocably waive and disclaim any moral-right in the Playlist, including without limitation regarding attribution or integrity thereof.

Without derogating from the above, and until you actively remove Playlist's association with your account, you hereby expressly disclaim any limitation regarding the public display of your login name (as supplied by the applicable 3rd Party Login Service), aside the applicable Playlist.

Search Results

Search Results may be displayed under various Search Result tabs (the "Tabs").

Search Results listed under the "Clips" Tab are generated solely by the applicable Video-Sharing Sites, and Owners disclaim any and all liability or responsibility to their contents thereof.

Search Results listed under the "Playlists" Tab represent Playlists generated and saved by Website Users, contain such Clips chosen exclusively by the applicable Users, and Owners disclaim any and all liability or responsibility to their contents thereof.

Suitability of Services

Website services are provided As-Is. The Owners cannot guarantee the suitability of the Website services to your needs or the availability of the Website or its services.

You are responsible to verify, prior to using the Website services, their suitability to your needs, and you will have no claim against the Owners due to any mismatch of the Website services.

Responsibility for Information

Information presented in this website and its services (the "information") shall not constitute advice or professional opinion but rather the personal opinion of the Website Users, Owners, officers or their employees. Owner does not represent in any way that any Information is accurate, complete or error free.



External Links

Certain adverts or Hyper-Links used in the Website may refer or direct to websites managed or owned by third parties. It is clarified that any Links to such websites are supplied solely for the convenience of the User, and that the Owners did not examine these websites and do not support them or their content and can not verify their security. You are solely responsible and are required to use full caution when browsing, purchasing products, submitting information or otherwise using these websites.

It is emphasized that there is no distinction between internal Links and external Links, and it is your sole responsibility to verify the URL a link refers to before following it.


Advertisements to third party products may be presented on the Website by an external service, matching the advertisements to the page content. It is clarified that the Owners have no control over the selection of the advertisements displayed, the order of their presentation or their accuracy and are not a direct party to any transaction resulting from such advertisements.


Recommendations to additional Clips may be presented on the Website by an external service, and it is clarified that the Owners have no control over the selection of recommended Clips, order of appearance, suitability, appropriateness or relevance.


The terms of the Privacy Policy (located at http://www.listnplay.com/Home/AboutUs#dvPrivacy) constitute an inseparable part of these Terms and Conditions – by expressing your consent to these Terms and Conditions you hereby agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.


All rights in and to the Website, its design, source code, and content elements of the Website are held exclusively by the Owners or the content creator, as applicable, and unless explicitly permitted by the Owners, may not be subjected to any action which may be considered copyright infringement, including, without limitations, copying, transferring, selling, providing access to or otherwise using any such proprietary material outside of the specifically permitted uses herein.


The trademark "ListnPlay" is used by the Owners in regard with their services and products and may not be used without their explicit permission.

Any other trademarks appearing on the Website, whether currently or in the future, are the property of their respective owners, as applicable.

Report Infringement

you have cause to believe the display of any Clip, appearing under the "Songs", "Albums" or "Playlists" Tabs, does not comply with the provisions of Section ‎2.3 above, we would be obliged if you notify us immediately via email contact@listnplay.com, or via the designated "Suggest/Report" button, detailing the infringing Clip and the nature of assumed infringement.

Amendment to Services and Terms of Agreement

The Owners may make Non-substantial Changes to the services or the terms of the Agreement, at any time, without having to give prior notice.

The Owners may make Substantial Changes to the services or the terms of the agreement, providing adequate notice will be displayed in the webpage of this Agreement, at least 7 days prior to the amendment taking effect, and providing the following conditions are met:

  1. You will be entitled to terminate the agreement prior to the amendments taking effect.
  2. The amendments will not affect any actions already taken by you prior to the amendments taking effect.

It is solely your responsibility to check the terms of this agreement, every once in a while, for amendments.

In this section, "substantial changes" shall mean any changes sufficient to impose new charges on the User, derogate from the User's rights under this agreement, change any copyright permission or alter the Website's privacy policy.
“Non-substantial Changes” shall mean any changes which are not “Substantial Changes”.

Waiver of Rights to Recommendations and Suggestions

In order to avoid any unpleasantness, you agree and acknowledge that in sending suggestions or comments regarding the Website or its services (the "suggestions") you waive any and all rights to the suggestions and shall have no claim regarding implementation of the suggestions or lack thereof , or regarding transfer of the suggestions to a third party. The Owners will exclusively own any rights to suggestions which, at its sole discretion, the Website has chosen to adopt.


You undertake to indemnify the Owners for any losses or damages resulting from any 3rd party claims or complaints arising from, or in connection with your actions on the Website and/or breach of this Agreement.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute arising from the terms of this agreement, the use or misuse of the Website, or any of the Website's services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the district of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Privacy Policy

Last Updates: April 08, 2011

What do we collect?

ListnPlay (the "Owners"), may collect any information you explicitly provide and which identifies your personally, such as your name, address, services purchased, payment methods and so on ("Personal Information") as well as information used for statistical purposes – aggregate, non identifying information, not saved with your Personal Information, including, inter alia, advertisements viewed, pages browsed, offers and services that interested you, your IP address and so on ("Statistical Information", and both together – the "Information").

What do we do with the collected information?

The Information shall be used to ensure the adequate operation of the ListnPlay website, located at http://www.listnplay.com (the "Website") and its services, to improve, modify, cancel, enrich or adjust services and content offered on the Website in general or to your area of interest.

Information Disclosure

The Owners will not disclose your Personal Information to any third party unless:

  • Required to do so as part of any legal proceedings conducted between you and the Owners.
  • Required to do so by court order.
  • In case the activity of the Website is transferred to a third party, providing such party undertakes to protect your privacy in accordance with these terms.

Use of Cookies

The Website uses Cookies in order to ensure proper operation, collect Statistical Information, verify information, tailor the Website to your specific preferences and ensure information security. Please note that modern browsers enable you to disable Cookies (if you do not know how to do this, check out the Help file of your browser), however, this may interfere with your use of the Website or its services.

Third parties may use Cookies placed on your computer in order to adjust the advertisements presented on the Website. Note that such use is subject to the privacy policy of said parties and is not subject to these terms.

Note that although the Owners take measures to secure the Information and reduce the risk of unwanted disclosure, they can not guarantee the Information will not be exposed as a result of unauthorized penetration to the Website.


You are entitled to view any of your Personal Information collected by the Owners, as well as request its correction or deletion if inaccurate or if collected for the purpose of contacting you. Such requests must be made via email to contact@listnplay.com.